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Topics Covered in Live Sales Training Webinars and Seminars

How to target and win new accounts by improving sales techniques

Time Management:
Accomplish more in just one hour a day

Reach and motivate decision makers

Cracking Competitive Accounts:
Put your competition on their heels

Overcoming Resistance:
Dealing with gatekeepers and objections

Building alliances that provide leads

How to get the best leads of all

Tools Provided: Each participant receives a workbook, method tools, and skills

Target10toWin! Audio Samples

Learn How to Capture Sales Lightening in a Bottle.

Good sales people burn with passion for their jobs. Great sales people have a “fire in the belly” passion that consumes them and drives them to take their achievements to a whole new level.

Recalibrating your team to ignite or reignite that fire takes a significant event that will leave a lasting impression. Increasing sales in today’s economy requires re-energizing and motivating your staff in an interactive, fun, and constructive manner. By improving sales techniques, you will turn your sales leads into sales success!

Through Target10toWin!, Charlie Van Hecke makes the sales and negotiation process personal for each individual buy offering live sales training webinars and seminars. In short, he is the master of sharing with people how to capture sales lightening in a bottle.

Live Target10toWin! Sales Training Seminars Include:

  • Modules with performance objectives
  • Discussions, exercise, and games
  • Reinforcement quizzes and role plays
  • Friendly competition and feedback

Live Target10toWin! Sales Training Webinars Are Perfect For:

  • Train-the-trainer sessions
  • Planned sales meetings with
    leader guides
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Product launches and kick-off meetings

Target10toWin! Sales Management Coaching Tool Kits Include:

  • Online coaching for sales managers
  • Flexibility in market and buyer approach
  • Morale and activity boosting recommendations
  • A guide to re-focus your team on positive outcomes
To learn more about improving sales techniques, contact Charlie Van Hecke to schedule a Target10toWin! sales training webinar or seminar today. Live Sales Training Seminars are available in VA, NC and SC.