What Do You Get for $99? The Target10toWin! Learning System

Looking for the Competitive Advantage in Sales?
Do You Want to Earn More With Less Work?
Need Professional Sales Training Materials?

One hour a day is all you need to get new business and increase your earning power. What will help you accomplish this goal? A three step self-paced program that includes:

    • Pre-learning, actual coaching and reinforcement
    • Sales training materials including our Sales Training Book,
      Study Guide, Live Phone Coaching and Audio
    • A 30-Day Action Planner with examples
      Target10toWin! Book
      Target10toWin! Study Guide
      Target10toWin! Audio Book

Step 1: Read Sales Training Book: Target 10 to Win!

    • You will save time and get organized with this three step approach to lead creation and business development
    • Get inside the minds of decision makers so that you are in front of people who can make deals happen
    • Embrace the power of your Smart Phone and avoid common mistakes

Step 2: Study Guide & Action Planner

Use the Action Plan to launch your business development success.

    • Time management
    • Daily instructions to apply methods and new skills
    • Weekly S.M.A.R.T. goals that ramp up
    • 30 Day Monthly Planner with Activity Chart

Coach Checks In With You As You Pass Through The Gates!

Step 3: Listen to Audio

    • Stimulators and motivators that peak buyer curiosity
    • Learn success habits and sales best practices

Sales Training Materials Included With Our $99 Program:

    • Secrets from Top Sales People
    • Tips on how to reach V.I.P. decision makers
    • Instruction on building your pipeline faster
    • Networking tips
    • Introduction to the Referral Generation Method (P.A.L.)
    • Tips on overcoming obstacles that hold most sales people back

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